European Language Grid User Manual

Welcome to the European Language Grid User Manual.

The European Language Grid (ELG) platform offers access to a multitude of assets related to Language Technology (LT), including commercial and non-commercial Language Technologies for all European languages, data resources (such as models, datasets, lexica, terminologies, grammars), as well as information on LT-related projects, organizations, and groups.

This manual aims to guide

  • consumers to exploit the ELG platform in order to find LT services, applications and resources, but also find relevant information such as companies, academic organisations and individual researchers active in LT and connect with them
  • providers of Language Resources and Technologies to enrich the content of the platform.

The current version of the manual documents the first official release of the ELG platform, launched in May 2020, which comes with a limited set of functionalities. More functionalities will be added at later stages, and this manual will keep on being updated following the evolution of the ELG platform.

You can visit the ELG Catalogue and browse through the content. Please, note that some functionalities are restricted to registered users.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, please send an email to

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