The European Language Grid (ELG) is a scalable platform that offers access to a multitude of assets related to Language Technology (LT), including commercial and non-commercial cloud LT services for all European languages, data resources such as models, datasets, lexica, terminologies, grammars, as well as information on LT-related projects, organizations, and groups.

This manual aims to guide

  • consumers: learn how to browse the ELG catalogue and find the language resources and technologies (LRTs) you need, as well as organizations and projects to connect with.

  • providers: learn how to contribute your language resources and technologies to the ELG platform and how to host and provide access to your services via the ELG cloud.

  • moderators: if you are part of the ELG technical team, learn how to monitor and validate submitted language resources and technologies.


The current version of the manual documents the third official release (R3) of the ELG platform, launched in June 2022. More functionalities are continuously added, and this manual keeps on being updated following the evolution of the ELG platform.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, you can contact us through our helpdesk.