Claim an item

A subset of the published items in the ELG catalogue have been created and/or imported in the catalogue by the ELG team. These are organizations (companies, research and academic organizations) active in the Language Technology area at large and metadata records with minimal information imported automatically from external sources.

We have created these pages with minimal information and we welcome those interested to enrich these pages and add their LT services and products to the LT catalogue.

You can claim your organization’s or resource’s page by clicking on the Claim button that appears on the top right corner of the view page, as shown below:

Claim an item

Please, keep in mind that to claim an item, you must be logged in; if you don’t have an account, you can follow the instructions to register. After signing in, go to the page of the resource you would like to claim.

When we receive your claim, we will check that this is a valid claim; for this reason, we recommend the use of a professional email address for the registration.

When we have processed your claim, you will receive an email. If your claim has been approved, please sign in and go to your grid, click on My items and select to edit the record (see Manage your items).