Types of catalogue items

The ELG platform includes:

  • Language resources and technologies (LRTs), further classified into:

    • tools & services: services that run in the cloud, but also downloadable tools, source code, etc.,

    • corpora & datasets: collections of text documents, audio transcripts, audio and video recordings, etc.,

    • models & computational grammars, collectively referred to as “language descriptions” 1,

    • lexical/conceptual resources, comprising computational lexica, gazetteers, ontologies, term lists, etc.

  • related activities and stakeholders from the wider area of Language Technology:

    • projects that have funded the development of LRTs or in which they have been deployed,

    • organizations (and their divisions), as well as groups and persons 2 active in Language Technology in Europe.

The following diagram depicts the taxonomy of catalogue items:

Overview of ELG entities

Given their prominent role in Language Technology, models and grammars are displayed as separate entries in the ELG catalogue, although they are both described under the class of Language description, as shown in the above figure.


Groups and persons are not included in the current release of the ELG catalogue.