Getting started

With the ELG Python SDK, you can use LT services, search the catalogue, and more inside your Python projects. The code of the ELG package is hosted on GitLab:


Via pip / PyPI

pip install elg

If you want to use the Python SDK to create a ELG compatible service using the FlaskService or the QuartService class, please install the package using:

pip install elg[flask]


pip install elg[quart]


The ELG package allows you to do the following:

  • Browse the ELG catalogue

  • Call services

  • Download corpora

  • Get information of the ELG resources

  • Create a ELG compatible service

  • and more…

Register on the ELG

To use some of the functionalities of the package, you need to create an ELG account. Please visit the ELG website to create a user account if you haven’t got one already.