You can

  • browse through the catalogue and see all the items,

  • search for items using the free text search box,

  • filter items by type, language, service function, licence, etc.

  • search for items using the Python SDK.

The catalogue view

On the catalogue page, items are arranged alphabetically by the item name; you can select other types of sorting by clicking on the icon on the top right of the list.

Each item is provided with a snippet of information. The item type is displayed with an icon on the left and printed on the right. Next, there is the hyperlinked name of the item which directs to its view page and below it, for resources, the version number, and for organizations and projects their short name. For all items the snippet includes the first lines of the description. Then there is information on the keyword(s), and, for resources, language(s), and licence(s).

Snippets for all item types


The catalogue displays only the most recent version of each resource; a note at the bottom of the snippet appears when there are more versions of the same resource. Users have access to the previous versions on the view page.

On the right side of the snippet, we include statistical information: counts of views for all items, counts of downloads for resources hosted at ELG and counts of the times an ELG-compatible service has been used. In addition, the right side includes a number of tags:

  • ELG-compatible service: a service that has been integrated at ELG and can be used directly through the ELG infrastructure.

  • ELG-hosted resource: a resource that has been uploaded at ELG.

  • For information: a metadata record that has been imported into ELG from another catalogue with minimal information.

  • Work in progress: an ELG compatible service or resource that will be hosted at ELG and is in the process of being created by the provider(s).

By clicking on the name of a resource, you can proceed to its view page.